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Burrito zucchini boats

burrito zucchini boats

I like burritos! Spicy, juicy burritos, but this is a totally different..boat with the same taste. You know that feeling when you are craving something but you’re either too lazy to go and buy, or it’s too late (but this is not something that you should do anyway, because we don’t eat late at night, riiight?). Well if this happens, burrito zucchini boats are the safe escape for your (mine) cravings.…

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15 minutes meals/ share the food/ Vegetarian

Chiftelute cremoase cu zucchini si ricotta

chiftelute cremoase cu zucchini si ricotta

Dupa ce zilele trecute am incropit aproape o cutie de ricotta cu dulceata de capsune si paine bavareza (acum mi-e clar de unde se trage painea noastra din Ardeal), papilele mele gustative cereau si ceva sarat care sa mearga cu aceesi ricotta cremoasa. Desigur, niste chiftelute cremoase cu zucchini si ricotta a fost optiunea castigatoare, iar asta pentru ca doar atat aveam prin frigider, dar s-a potrivit la fix pentru…

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