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Double Layered Chia Seed Pudding

double layered chia seed pudding

Have you ever got so attached to a specific taste, that you really want to recreate in all the dishes you can? For a couple of days now, I can’t stop thinking about an ice cream I ate two years ago.. I know, I must have really liked it, hahah.. that had an amazing basil and mint flavour (for my Romanian readers, I am talking about Creamier in Bucharest, and I…

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Family meals/ share the food

Cori’s Easter recipes

Cori's Easter Recipes

I still can’t decide which of these two holidays I love the most: Easter or Christmas. The spring flavors and bright colors, or the homey and warm feeling that you get from winter holidays? I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as family is there with you and you can enjoy spending time, chatting till midnight and have a feast together. Every year for Easter, our tradition at home is…

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