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Cori’s French Bouillabaisse

Cori's French Bouillabaisse

I am right now in a phase of discovering and trying out delicious French recipes, which somehow, for various reasons, I left them aside in my culinary adventures. Bouillabaisse, maybe you know it or not, is a fish stew made by fishermen in Marseilles originally prepared from bony fish they couldn’t sell to the restaurants or at the market. A vegetable mix such as fennel bulb, leek, tomatoes, potatoes and…

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Mediterranean fennel and orange salad

This mediterranean fennel and orange salad is becoming a really must have in my summer diet as the weather is slowly starting to warm up. Fennel is definitely an unique veggie, you can either love it or hate it, I don’t think you can go in between with this one, especially if you don’t use it very often in your traditional cuisine. Very popular in the meditarranean countries in Europe, like Italy,…

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Burrito zucchini boats

burrito zucchini boats

I like burritos! Spicy, juicy burritos, but this is a totally different..boat with the same taste. You know that feeling when you are craving something but you’re either too lazy to go and buy, or it’s too late (but this is not something that you should do anyway, because we don’t eat late at night, riiight?). Well if this happens, burrito zucchini boats are the safe escape for your (mine) cravings.…

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Pui cu turmeric, fenicul si portocale rosii

pui cu turmeric, fenicul si portocale rosii

Cu tot ce am incercat pana acum in materie de retete cu pui, asta cu turmeric, fenicul si portocale rosii cred ca a atins perfectiunea si as spune ca secretul a fost, o imbinare perfecta a condimentelor. Puiul doar s-a nimerit prin preajma sa-mi duca mai departe experimentele. Turmericul in combinatie cu feniculul macinat sunt cele ce dau puiului culoarea galbena si aroma usor picanta cu o tenta amaruie, insa portocalele…

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Cartofi copti cu rozmarin si fenicul


Imi plac cartofii primavara si in prag de iarna cand ii pot savura cu muraturi picante pregatite asa cum numai mama stie 🙂 Cartofi copti cu rozmarin si fenicul e un comfort food atat de simplu de facut, dar incredibil de aromat, crocanti pe exterior, dar moi in interior. Stai sa vezi daca alaturi de ei adaugi si o ceapa si cativa catei de usturoi, poti transforma rapid ceea ce  pare…

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Pui aromat cu mamaliga rumenita


Sunt zile cand inspiratia nu e la cote ridicate, nu mai zic de cheful de a merge sa fac cumparaturi pentru o reteta specifica, iar pentru zile acestea, salvarea vine mereu de la ingredientele pe care le mai am prin frigider sau prin camara cu bunatati. Sosul aromat si mamaliga in crusta croncanta rumenita pe gratar sunt vedetele incontestabile in aceasta farfurie, iar frigul care s-a lasat peste noi, zau…

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