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Cori’s Easter recipes

Cori's Easter Recipes

I still can’t decide which of these two holidays I love the most: Easter or Christmas. The spring flavors and bright colors, or the homey and warm feeling that you get from winter holidays? I guess it doesn’t really matter as long as family is there with you and you can enjoy spending time, chatting till midnight and have a feast together. Every year for Easter, our tradition at home is…

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15 minutes meals/ Family meals/ share the food

Spicy chicken with blood orange and avocado salsa

spicy chicken with blood orange and avocado salsa

Moving (temporarily) to Bavaria brought me many things. A stunning city to live in, incredibly good bread, tasty beer, not that fancy cuisine, but I can live with that, and lots of secret ingredients that were quite hard to find back home in Romania. I’ve been craving blood oranges for quite some time now and wanted them in my recipes ASAP. After cooking for the third time in a row the roasted chicken…

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