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Summer apples food photography

Hi there,

I am always excited to take on the next challenge in my career as a full time food blogger and food photographer.

Here is a list with the services I can help you with:

  • Food Photography & Styling (the food photography can be either dark/moody or bright/airy)
  • Sponsored posts on my blog and social media
  • Recipe development

If your request is not listed here, please feel free to email me and discuss your idea. You can always reach me at hello@coricostache.com

Food Photography & Styling

Are you in the search for beautiful food photography or to style a recipe? I am more than happy to help you and offer high quality food photography based on your needs.

Summer salad food photography

Sponsored posts on my blog and social media

Wether you represent a big brand or a small company with amazing products, I would love to offer your product(s) the exposure it needs. I am always interested in healthy and organic food products, in general food that gives the body the nutrients and the good energy it needs.

corn tortilla food photography maseca

Recipe developmentĀ 

If your product needs to shine in a recipe, I am here to help. I love the time spent in the kitchen and the creative mood it sets me in, so I will be more than happy to develop a unique recipe for your product.

This recipe it will be featured on my blog and my social media channels.

You can take a look at my portfolio in here

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you!