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Summer Roasted Veggies & Pasta Salad

Summer Roasted Veggies & Pasta Salad

Every day must be a reason for celebration, not to mention a summer comeback after some heavy rainy days last week. One very appropriate way for me to do this was to cool down some hot maccheroni pasta with an extraordinary roasted veggie mix. And the result..I think I could have eaten the pasta salad with both hands 🙂

Summer pasta salads are fairly easy to cook and with lots of possibilities and ways of combining the ingredients. But to be honest with you, this type of salad is the first I make (but not the last), because I love pasta dishes in quite simple combinations: garlic, tomatoes and basil.

This fresh and light Summer Roasted Veggies & Pasta Salad was a great choice for lunch yesterday and the ingredients blended so well together, the sweetness of the bell pepper, onion and swiss chard with the strong flavor of the fresh basil and garlic.

Summer Roasted Veggies & Pasta Salad

I also got very excited about yesterday’s visit at the farmer’s market, as I came home with the bag full of goodies, ready to be cooked: fresh Swiss chard, handful of colored tomatoes, local raspberry, juicy watermelons and Bavarian home made bread. It was clearly a good day for cooking.

Summer Roasted Veggies & Pasta Salad
Recipe Type: Salad
Author: Cori Costache
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 2
  • 200 gr maccheroni pasta
  • 2 small zucchinis
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 1 medium red onion
  • 3 Swiss chard leaves
  • 5 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • fresh basil
  • salt and pepper freshly grated
  • chili flakes
  • 1/2 tsp dried oregano
  • 1/2 tsp dried basil
  • grated Parmesan (optional)
  1. Bring a large pot of water – generously salted – to a boil over high heat.
  2. Slice the zucchini, cut the bell pepper in chunks and the red onion in 8 slices.
  3. Preheat a non stick skillet or the grill on a medium heat. Add 1 tbsp of olive oil and roast the zucchinis, around 5-7 minutes each side. Transfer the zucchinis on a plate and cook the bell peppers and the onion for about 7 minutes, or until the pepper starts to become soft.
  4. Cut the Swiss chard leaves in small pieces and add it into the skillet. Cook for another 3 minutes, until the leaves are softened.
  5. Cook the pasta following the package instructions, but make sure to keep them aldende. Drain the pasta and set aside.
  6. In a small bowl mince the garlic cloves and the basil leaves (around 4-5) and mix them with 1/2 tbsp olive oil and salt.
  7. In a small jar, prepare the vinaigrette from the remaining olive oil, balsamic vinegar and dried oregano and basil. Shake well.
  8. In a big salad bowl, combine the maccheroni pasta with the roasted veggies, add 1 tbsp of the garlic basil mix and drizzle 2 tbsp of vinaigrette. Toss well to combine.
  9. Serve warm with grated Parmesan.


Salata de paste si legume coapte

Fiecare zi trebuie sarbatorita cum se cuvine, dar mai ales o revenire a verii dupa zilele ploioase de saptamana trecuta. M-am gandit sa celebrez momentul prin a “racori” niste maccheroni pasta intr-o salata de vara cu legume coapte. Ce-a iesit?…Cred ca asfi putut sa mananc salata cu doua maini 🙂

Salatele de paste sunt foarte usor de pregatit, cu mii de posibilitati de a combina ingredientele intre ele. Dar ca sa fiu complet sincera cu tine, aceasta e prima salata de paste pe care o gatesc (dar nu si ultima) si asta deoarece imi plac pastele in combinatii simple: cu rosii, usturoi si busuioc.

Am pergatit salata de paste si legume coapte pentru pranzul de ieri si a fost o alegere delicioasa pentru simplul fapt ca igredientele s-au imbinat perfect intre ele: dulceata ardeiului, a cepei si a mangoldului si aroma puternica a usutroiului si a busuiocului.

Sa nu mai zic ca am fost si extrem de bucuroasa ca am reusit sa ajung la piata cu legume proaspete si am umplut cateva sacose cu bunatati gata de gatit si mancat: mangold proaspat, rosii colorate de gradina , pepeni zemosi, zmeura si paine bavareza de casa. A fost clar o zi excelenta pentru gatit.

200 gr maccheroni pasta
2 dovlecei mici
1 ardei rosu
1 ceapa medie rosie
3 frunze de mangold
5 linguri de ulei de masline
2 linguri de otet balsamic
2 catei de usturoi
busuioc proaspat
sare si piper proaspat macinate
fulgi de chili
cate 1/2 lingurita de oregano si busuioc uscat
Parmesan (optional)

Intr-o oala incapatoare, pune la fiert apa – suficient de sarata – pentru paste. Felieaza dovleceii, taie ceapa in 8 felii si toaca grosier ardeiul rosu.
Incinge 1 lingura de ulei de masline la foc mediu, intr-o tigaie antiaderenta si coace feliile de dovlecei, cam 5-7 minute pe fiecare parte. Transfera dovleceii pe o farfurie si gateste ardeiul rosu cu ceapa, pret de 7 minute. Adauga apoi frunzele de mangold taiate felii si mai tine la foc mediu inca 3 minute, pana aceastea se inmoaie.
Gateste pastele conform instructiunilor de pe pachet, astfel incat sa le pastrezi aldente. Scurge-le intr-un bol si lasa-le deoparte. Intr-un castron mic zdrobeste 2 catei de usturoi si amesteca-l cu frunzele de busuioc (in jur de 4-5) tocate marunt. Adauga 1/2 lingurita de ulei si presara sare proaspat macinata. Omogenizeaza pana se obtine o pasta incredibil de frumos mirositoare.
Pregateste vinegreta din restul de ulei de masline, otetul balsamic si oregano cu busuioc uscat. Amesteca bine.
Intr-un bol de salata, amesteca maccheroni pasta cu legumele coapte, adauga 2 linguri de vinegreta, 1 lingurita de sos de usturoi, sare, piper dupa gust si serveste cu parmezan ras.





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