Roasted Squash With Maple Syrup, Cinnamon & Nutmeg

Roasted Squash With Maple Syrup, Cinnamon & Nutmeg

Can you ever think about something more autumnal than some roasted squash with cinnamon and nutmeg? Exactly, I am talking about that warm and cozy flavor that spreads all over your house in a Sunday afternoon.   Along with all… Continue Reading

The Best Romanian Eggplant Dip

Romanian Eggplant Dip

This time of the year, the eggplant season is in its full swing and I can’t simply imagine a summer without the smell and the taste of roasted eggplants that takes over all my mom’s kitchen. This Romanian eggplant dip… Continue Reading

Summer Roasted Veggies & Pasta Salad

Summer Roasted Veggies & Pasta Salad

Every day must be a reason for celebration, not to mention a summer comeback after some heavy rainy days last week. One very appropriate way for me to do this was to cool down some hot maccheroni pasta with an… Continue Reading

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

gluten free chocolate chip cookies

A rainy day is always asking for some comfort food, or at least that’s what I’m caving for. Something chocolate involved, easy to make, and, of course, as healthy as a cookie could be. There are always options for a good… Continue Reading

Morning Glory: Berry Greek Yogurt Parfait

Morning glory Berry greek yougurt parfait

I don’t think anyone can argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, gives you energy (a better one than a strong cup of coffee) and sets you in the mood to accomplish the important tasks you… Continue Reading

Apple, kohlrabi and blue cheese salad

apple, kohlrabi and blue cheese salad

Tomorrow we celebrate Earth Day! What other way to honor Mother Nature, other than be, at least for one day, more conscious about what and how we eat? I’m a strong believer in a clean eating diet, in buying food locally and from suitable… Continue Reading

Burrito zucchini boats

burrito zucchini boats

I like burritos! Spicy, juicy burritos, but this is a totally different..boat with the same taste. You know that feeling when you are craving something but you’re either too lazy to go and buy, or it’s too late (but this is… Continue Reading