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About the blog

My passion for cooking started taking shape in 2010 as I began to spent more and more time in the kitchen, styling the food, and trying new recipes.

But my mother was the one who taught me the real benefits of slow food, always cooked at home and shared with the whole family. And there’s no better feeling than this, having all your loved ones around the table and share the best roasted chicken you’ve ever had. Amen to that!

Home cooked food is definitely the key to a healthy and harmonious body, it gives you control over the ingredients you use and can also be a fun activity with your family on a Sunday morning.

Why am I sharing all my knowledge about cooking?

Because I strongly believe in homemade food, recipes cooked in the comfort of your kitchen, and food shared at the same table with your loved ones.

I will definitely guide you through the cooking process, with tips on how to achieve the best results, and you’ll learn that cooking at home is not as scary as it seems.

I hear a lot from my friends saying that there’s not enough time to spend in the kitchen, plus cooking a dish from scratch requires sometimes hours. These thoughts, along with the busy schedule that most of us have, led us believe that eating at home has become a luxury, and they reach more and more for the take out food or pre made meals.

The food we tend to consume nowadays is more and more packed with considerable amounts of sugar, definitely too much salt and unhealthy fats. So why would you give your body additives and chemicals it doesn’t need? This is the only thing you really poses on this world, so it deserves to be treated right đŸ™‚

I won’t lie to you, cooking at home requires more time (and commitment) than throwing a frozen meal in the oven and cook it.

With a bit of structure and planning, along with easy and seasonal recipes, cooking at home can become a fun experience with an amazing end result: good and nutritious food to be shared with your loved ones.

Clearly food is not just something we consume to stay vital, food is also a social ritual, is something that brings us together, creates new relationships and renews social bonds. And I think no gourmet restaurant experience can substitute the joy of sitting at the same table with your loved ones and share a big salad bowl with a nice roasted chicken.

About me

I’m Cori, a Romanian foodie and wanderluster, and I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, cooking stories and food photography.

I love simple things in life, the smell of the ocean, the month of May with the scent of blossomed linden trees, hidden streets in crowded cities, Italian food (especially Italian food!), rose wine on a warm evening and the list could go on and on.

And so are the recipes you’ll find in here: plain, simple and whole homemade food.

My journey as a food enthusiast, photographer and world traveler evolved gradually, and the destiny brought me and my husband in the beautiful city of Munich  . Since then it’s almost been 2 years and we still can’t get enough of what the city has to offer.

Next stop for us: Toronto, Canada .

Stay with me in this journey, and let’s discover together delicious and simple food that can be made in the comfort of your home.

For any inquiries, drop me an email at hello@coricostache.com



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