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I’m Cori, a Romanian foodie and wanderluster, and I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, cooking stories and food photography.

I love simple things in life, the smell of the ocean, the month of May with the scent of blossomed linden trees, hidden streets in crowded cities, Italian food (especially Italian food!), rose wine on a warm evening and the list could go on and on.

My passion for cooking started taking shape in 2010 as I began to spent more and more time in the kitchen, styling the food, and trying new recipes. I slowly began to fall in love with the process, and this blog began to be my playground. Now I’m still just a home cook, but with some photography skills added 🙂 who loves good food and tasty wine with family and friends around.

Clearly food is not just something we consume to stay vital, food is also a social ritual, is something that brings us together, creates new relationships and renews social bonds. And I think no gourmet restaurant experience can substitute the joy of sitting at the same table with your loved ones and share a big salad bowl with a nice roasted chicken.

The recipes you’ll find here are mostly Mediterranean and traditional Romanian inspired which I slightly adapt based on my taste in food. My family sometimes says I might have some unknown Italian or Spanish roots, well..I hope so too, maybe there’s a nonna’s cooking book lying down somewhere in my mind, and wants to be discovered. As I care a lot about the ingredients I use in my food, the majority of them are seasonal, and local, as much as possible.

My journey as a food enthusiast, photographer and world traveler evolved gradually, and the destiny brought me and my husband in the beautiful city of Munich  . Since then it’s almost been 2 years and we still can’t get enough of what the city has to offer.

Next stop for us: Toronto, Canada .

Stay with me in this journey, and let’s discover together delicious food that can be made in the comfort of your home.

For any inquiries, drop me an email at hello@coricostache.com




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